Social Media content creator

I am looking to start an affiliate marketing business. I would like to market products in the productivity niche.
I am in need of a freelancer to create content related for the productivity niche for my Instagram page. I have named my brand “Sweet Pea Productivity.” I would like the freelancer to create a logo where it is uniform (colors, fonts, etc.) with the content of the Instagram page. My brand, logo, and content should appeal primarily of females. The brand name and logo should be marked on all social media content.

Integrating In-App Purchase On Buttons (Java)

1. User Interface is ready at my android studio application.
2. About 11 buttons need to be integrated with google play billing library.
3. So 11 buttons to 11 product id on google developer console (product id is ready).
4. Each product need to be able to purchased repeatedly (consumable / auto consume right after purchase).
5. Send email with purchased token, order id / order number and user email, right after product successfully purchased.
6. Need really clean code on each file (marked green check on the upper right Android Studio window) so i can edit later after project without problem.