Convert a C+ program to work as a webservices program

I have a program that was written to work on linux, that I need converted to work as a webservices program. Here are some details from the programmer who wrote the initial software for me:

All functionality you may need to change in this program to behave as web-service located in , no need to change any other files. In general, you need to replace reading files from predefined directory by reading files uploaded through web-service.

Further, these are specifications from my webdeveloper on how the program must function:

So the real task is to develop web based application which can be

accessible by http and show it working on test server then on your

server. (If application for linux works on local computer it doesn’t

mean what it can be used on server via php or http).

Interface must be like:

where – link to jpg scanned test image for recognition.

Output of this program must be csv or txt or json data

I would provide you with the original source code that would need to be adopted to work as a webservices program.

Find staf contact details from website (test for bigger project)

This is a small test project. If you do well then you will be eligible to bid for larger projects.

I have a list of 100 organisations. They are professional associations, trade associations and member associations.

The task is to find the names, job titles and email addresses of all staff related to either a) membership services or b) Digital/website services.

If several staff are responsible for this area then you should collect details for all of them.

You should also record the homepage web address (URL) of each organisation

Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data

This task involves the collection of contact information of licensed drone operators in Australia. I have included a template file to be completed. Fill the empty columns with information.

Quotes for a portable cinema and remote controlled kids cars

I need someone to go through amazon and a few companies that sell portable movie theatre screens as well as a range of kids remote controlled cars. It is for a presentation to show the range. So the cheap movie theatre screen can be from about 1000 USD and maybe have a few in that range…then a few in the middle range and a few in the upper range. The document needs to clearly show what the differences are e.g blue tooth speakers, projectors etc. It should provide a great comparison and have great reviews. It should be a complete package with options for surround system etc. The photo should be clear and all specifics. The screen is for commercial use, in a hotel. Compare different sizes. Regarding the kids toy remote cars, compare a few ranges. Entry level cars that cost about 50 Usd, then middle level one etc to top range. Thank you.

Keyword research using online tool

I need someone to do many searches using an online keyword research tool. This job will involve doing 676 searches using the online keyword research tool.

The online keyword research tool you will use is called (yes, that is the real name).

You will enter a seed keyword into that tool, then let it run until it stops finding keywords.

The seed keywords you will enter will include the word “best”, followed by combinations of two alphabet letters, starting with “aa”.

So the first search you do will use the seed keyword “best aa”. The second search you do will use the seed keyword “best ab”, then “best ac”, “best ad”, etc., until you finish with “best az”.

Then you will move on to the letter “b”, starting with “best ba”, then “best bb”, “best bc”, until you finish with “best bz”.

And so on, for all two-letter combinations in the alphabet.

This is a great project for a new freelancer who has some time on their hands and would like to get a 5-star review

I do not have a large budget for this project, but would be happy to give a 5-star review to a freelancer who does a good job.

Interested freelancers *must* send me a sample of searches they have done using If you do not send me a sample, I will delete your bid.

Write Hair industry Articles for Salon Startup Website

Hello All,
-I am looking to hire a freelancer that will write blog articles for our salon’s website.
-If you are good, I have a need for a social media marketer as well.
-Articles must be related to the seasons, how/why to use our products, reasons to rent at a hair salon, and how our brand is better than the others.
-Articles must include SEO wording, a high content of SEO words are necessary within the articles.
-If you would like this opportunity please send me your related work.
-ONLY send BLOG articles that YOU have written.