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An artificial intelligence tool to access the best talent and skills on the Internet


Find the best skills to get the best results

Roukman is a free AI tool that analyzes the profiles of tens of thousands of freelancers and projects on the web to bring you the best talents for your project.

Why Roukman?

23% of startups fail because of employees, Although there are millions of highly qualified people in the world, companies find it difficult to reach them, and in the end they employ low-qualified people, which weakens their chances of success.
Roukman solves this problem by searching the Internet for the best competencies and analyzing the projects they have worked on to assess their competence in all skills, including the rarest ones, and puts them at your disposal to guarantee you the best chance of success, and all this is free of charge.

Huge database
Rouman database contains tens of thousands of freelancers
All skills
Whatever skills your project requires, you will find them here, including rare ones
Roukman is FREE
Roukman free platform, you can access the best skills for free.

All skills

Hundreds of skills in all fields, from design and development, to writing and marketing

Marketing and advertising

Design and digital arts

Project management and data analysis

Consulting and education

Development of websites and applications

Writing and authoring



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